Kids' Chemical Solutions

Capturing Early Eager Learners with Chemistry Comics

Meet the Characters


Poppi strives for a hippie-vibe, but her Type A personality often gets in the way. She’s sharp, smart, but not always intuitive.

She’s radioactive, and has a twin-brother, Ray.


When not eating, Ray is surfing. Sometimes he does both at the same time. He’s very intuitive, but not always inquisitive.

He’s also radioactive, and his twin-sister is Poppi.

Granny Eve

Granny Eve is often found speaking with the mysterious M.C. through her 1930’s radio.

She appears flighty, but has a knack for equations, formulas, and time-travel scenarios.

She is a terrible cook.

Granny Eve has two grandkids, Poppi and Ray.


M.C. communicates with Granny Eve through a 1930’s radio.

M.C. is aware of past, present, and future chemical tragedies and alerts Granny Eve about these.

M.C. keeps her real identity a secret.

gNat and Clive

gNat is often seen with Clive – the two have a strong bond.

gNat is afraid of water and has been known to explode with even a drop of water.

He is a grey, buttery solid.

gNat always carries an extra electron with him

Clive is an evil electron-thief.

He is a toxic, green gas.

Clive is one of the best at stealing one electron. BEWARE!

Big Ox

Big Ox can get mixed up with Clive as one of his henchmen.

He’s gaseous, but can also be a blue liquid.

Big Ox does not perform well on an empty stomach and will devour two extra electrons.

Red & Rusty

Red and Rusty are a positive pair.
They bond with Big Ox.

Red is the happier, healthier counterpart. Rusty can be gloomy and almost toxic.

Red will happily give away two electrons to anyone. Rusty has three extra electrons, but sometimes forgets he has them.

The Heavy Metals

Officer Copper, Cadmium, Lead-Z, Colbalt, Lil’ Zinc