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What is Molecular Literacy?

Fundamentally, the foundations of learning how to read are the same as the foundations of learning chemistry. If you consider the Periodic Table of Elements the alphabet of science, learners need to understand these letters, which are called symbols, so that they can combine them to form words, which in chemistry are called molecular formulas. Like reading where words are then put together to form sentences, formulas are put together to form chemical equations. Each chemical equation is a sentence describing an event.

What we discovered is that the best time to teach kids chemistry is right after they have learned to read (ages 8+) so that they can use the same neural pathways and strategies to become Molecularly Literate.

Why Is Molecular Literacy Essential?

Did you know that ~50% of students fail or drop a college chemistry course stopping them from pursuing over 50 majors?!?! Our research, combined with over 30 years of experience teaching at the college level, shows the Molecular Literacy is the key to success in college chemistry courses. Learn more

Emmy® Award Winner: Featured on Arizona Illustrated (Oct 2022)

Think chemistry is boring? Think again! A class with Chemistry and Biochemistry at The University of Arizona instructor, Colleen Kelley, is filled with colorful characters and exciting storylines that translate complex chemistry into comic books. Her comics and unique imagination have turned the periodic table into a playground of chemical adventure, and have allowed elementary school students to master concepts often taught at the college level.

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