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File 5: The Case of Coco’s Potions


GRANNY EVE (with her ear to the 1930’s radio): Really, M.C.? She’s up to it again? More perfume? Hidden formula? (pause)…. Yes, I agree, we can send the children to uncover the formula for Chanel No. 5 perfume. The world has a right to know!

RAY (walking up to Granny): What do we need to know, Grans? (pause) Are we out of chocolate covered Cheetos? That would be awful.

POPPI (enters the kitchen): What’s up? Why do you both look so flustered?

GRANNY EVE: Listen to me. This is important. There is a potion with a secret formula that needs to be revealed.

RAY: Let me guess. We’ll need the Periodic Table like always and yada yada yada save the world. …..

GRANNY EVE: Well, yes. How did you know?

POPPI: How are we going to figure out the secret formula of a potion?

RAY (with a snorkel and mask on his face): That’s easy lil’ sis. We’ll swim around in the potion and introduce ourselves to all the ingredients.

POPPI: But I’m not a good swimmer!

Are YOU ready to help Poppi and Ray discover the secret ingredients in this mysterious potion?
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