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File 2: The Case of the Missing [Atomic] Model


GRANNY EVE (as she puts flowers in a volumetric flask): These flowers are lovely – thank you. And yes – lunch soon. But first (she takes a deep breath) there’s something very dreadful that I need to tell you.

RAY: What? No Crème Brulee?????

POPPI: Dreadful?? Oh no……What is it Granny Eve?

GRANNY EVE: There’s so much…where do I start? (Pause and she frantically blurts out) Your cell phones and computers won’t work anymore. They won’t even exist!

Poppi and Ray are frozen. They are speechless.

POPPI: Whaaaat? I need my computer to do my homework!!! How will I get my assignments in on time?

RAY (sweating): What about my followers??????????

GRANNY EVE: Listen closely children. As you know the world is dependent on computers, cell phones, medical technology and a whole slew of other things. These would not exist without the Quantum Mechanical model of the atom. This model is rich in information and mystery and holds the key to understanding all sorts of treasures.

RAY: Like Pirate treasures?


GRANNY EVE (sobbing): Your task is to rescue this model from a locked vault guarded by a man named Niels Bohr. You have to free the model or……or…..or …. I don’t know…..

POPPI (nervous): You said it’s a model of an atom, right? But Granny Eve, we don’t know anything about atoms….and now you say we have to know about them!

Are YOU ready to help Poppi and Ray release the Quantum Mechanical model of the atom from the locked vault?
Plunge into File 2: The Case of the Missing [Atomic] Model!