Kids' Chemical Solutions

Capturing Early Eager Learners with Chemistry Comics

File 1: The Case of the Deadly Dials


POPPI: Hi Grans. Ray said you wanted to see us?

RAY: Hold on. No chatting until I find the leftover fondue. I have some donuts to dip in that cheesy vat of deliciousness.

GRANNY EVE: Yes. There’s been a terrible catastrophe. A handful of young women have been poisoned by Radium and will die from it. More young women will certainly be poisoned by Radium if it’s not stopped.

RAY (food in mouth): That’s terrible! Who is this Radium dude? Can we stop him from poisoning these dudettes?

POPPI (nervous): Oh, Granny! That is awful! But, why are you telling us?

GRANNY: I’m telling you because you and Ray can save the young women from poisoning by Radium. You have so much to learn in order to save them. I know you can do it, though. It’s in your blood.

RAY (laughing): I got a ton of melted cheese in my blood right now, Grans.

POPPI (annoyed): Ray, this is no time for joking! And, Grans, this sounds dangerous…..although I do like the learning part….What are we learning, exactly?

GRANNY EVE: I suppose the first things you and Ray need to learn about are elements. Did I mention that you would need to go back in time??? Orange, New Jersey in the year 1921 to be specific.

RAY: Whoa! Time out there, Grans! I mean it’s one thing to talk to that old radio, but it’s another to randomly throw out ‘time travel’. But, sign me up!

Are YOU ready to help Poppi and Ray rescue the Radium girls???
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