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Capturing Early Eager Learners with Chemistry Comics

Writing Children’s Books to Increase Engagement in Non-major Introductory Chemistry Courses

Melissa A. Mullen Davis and Kathryn Allen One of the challenges of teaching a Chemistry course to nonscience majors is increasing their interest and engagement in Chemistry and in course content. Increased engagement has a positive impact on overall course grades and increases learning of course material. Incorporating projects and creative learning activities into the chemistry curriculum … Read more

How Does the M.C. Detective Agency Series of Comic Books Mirror College-Level Chemistry?

The comic books created as part of the M.C. Detective Agency series were carefully scaffolded to align with the learning objectives found in a 100-level college chemistry course. A comparison of the learning outcomes found in the comic books in the M.C. Detective Agency series with those found in the #1 best-selling college chemistry textbook … Read more