Kids' Chemical Solutions

Capturing Early Eager Learners with Chemistry Comics

Chemistry Alumni Interview Series: Colleen Kelley

Colleen Kelley graduated in 1991 with a Ph.D. in chemistry at Penn State. After graduating, she pursued a career in academia that led her to her current teaching position at the University of Arizona. Teaching at the university level inspired her to pursue a new creative outlet through comic books that teach young students about … Read more

UArizona instructor makes chemistry fun by creating comic books

Bivian ContrerasMarch 25, 2022 TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — A chemistry instructor at the University of Arizona creates comics not only to make chemistry fun but to make it easier for students to learn. Colleen Kelley manages the instructional laboratories in the UArizona Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Her goal is to make chemistry education more … Read more

Comic-book science and science comic books

Not only are comic-book characters a great tool for science education—so is the medium itself, as Colleen Kelley aims to show with Kids’ Chemical Solutions, a series of comic books she created to teach general chemistry concepts to kids ages 8–12. “I think there’s a culture around chemistry that’s not all that positive, that actually … Read more