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Capturing Early Eager Learners with Chemistry Comics

UofA Expert Is Writing Comic Books to Teach Kids Chemistry

By Kathryn Palmer, Arizona Daily Star | April 17, 2022 After seeing inequities in science education throughout her 25-year teaching career, University of Arizona chemistry instructor Colleen Kelley is taking a novel approach to solving the problem. She’s writing comic books to help kids better understand the fundamentals of chemistry and to reframe the field … Read more

‘Boom! Fizzz! Ker-POW!’ – University Of Arizona Instructor’s Comics Aim To Turn Chemistry Into Adventure

Friday, March 25 2022 |  Richard D. Hunt/Daniel Stolte Imagine a world where chemical elements aren’t cryptic acronyms but charismatic superheroes; where molecules aren’t formulas but heavy metal bands; and where chemical reactions play out in suspenseful story plots rather than a bunch of abstract symbols and lifeless numbers. Welcome to the world of Colleen Kelley, … Read more

Comic Books Bring Chemistry To Life

By Chemical Processing Staff | April 25, 2022 University of Arizona chemistry instructor Colleen Kelley is confronting the inequities she sees in STEM education with a series of comic books that address the fundamentals of chemistry and position it as a field open to everyone, according to an article from KTAR News. Throughout her 25-year career, … Read more